Openmarket Community Driven Support

Help and Support

Openmarket decentralized marketplace provides help and support driven by Openmarket community of volunteers. We believe that in the age of open-source and decentralization, customer support should not be limited to phone, email or chat alone. A community of volunteers, users and moderators create a great customer support experience overall and being available 24/7 catering to all timezones. Community-driven customer support has proven to be very effective in recent years. 

Users post questions and tips about our product and services on our online communities and forums, and then volunteers and moderators provide solutions and suggestions. This not only helps making customer support extensively transparent but helps generate user-driven public knowledge base. In addition community-driven support also strengthens customer relationships and reduces the response time significantly since the community is available round the clock. On our community-driven customer support, help and support comes from multiple forms — asking and responding to questions, reading through the knowledge-base, sharing thoughts and connecting with other users, volunteers and moderators. Our moderators also keep a check on the community to enhance and streamline the customer support system to maximize the help.