Openmarket Marketplace Guarantee

Conditions of Guarantee on Openmarket

The minimum guarantee period for factory defects Openmarket decentralised marketplace is 90 days but some vendors may extend it further. Warranty on the products is subject to the terms and conditions set by the vendor. Buyers are advised to check terms and conditions for each product and vendor before making the purchase. 

However, some default conditions on guarantee for purchases made on Openmarket marketplace are mentioned on this page. When a consumer purchases a product or a service our marketplace, the items are covered by warranty. The duration of the warranty is set by the vendor or the manufacturer and is clearly mentioned by the vendor with the product description. During the warranty period — repair, maintenance or replacement of the product is possible when the warranty conditions are met. 

  • Openmarket recommends buyers, to read the product description and warranty details carefully before making a purchase. 
  • Upon receiving the order, the buyer must carefully inspect the product to check for any damages and defects. Notify the seller immediately if there is a defect with the item received. Openmarket strongly recommends buyers to accept and approve a product delivery only after thorough checking and ensuring it’s without any fault. Faulty items must be returned to the seller immediately. 
  • Warranty period starts from the date of delivery and is fixed by the vendor/manufacturer.
  • During the warranty period, if a situation of product repair or replacement arises, the return shipping expenses are to be borne by the consumer. That is, the buyer will pay for the return shipment charges during the warranty period. 
  • In the event of a defect in the product received or if the product is not as it appeared in the description, it is always recommended to contact the seller or the vendor in order to decide on the necessary next steps.
  • In case of a dispute between the buyer and the seller, the marketplace arranges an impartial arbitration to settle the dispute.